I have been thinking about you! I hope that your year is off to a great start!

I have some great thoughts to share with you. At least I think that they are great thoughts. I have found that having a new thought to think each day is very enlightening!  Some of these thoughts you may have heard before yet they are great to bring back into your life like an old friend if you have heard them before. At the very best, you have a new way of looking at things and at the very least it is so great to remind yourself of them again!

I hope you enjoy these, and take one or more of these sayings or thoughts with you on your path tomorrow. These mean a lot to me and I have learned much from these words. It is my joy to share them with you!

*You know you are making progress when you start making new mistakes

*Trees that endure the stormiest times grow to be the Strongest and Most Beautiful!

*Every experience you have ever had is a part of who you are today; Otherwise you wouldn’t have grown into Wonderful You! 

(Do this as it works)
*Wave goodbye to stress by envisioning your mind as ocean waves.                    
Quiet your mind by envisioning the water getting quieter and quieter until there’s not even a ripple on it’s surface.  
(You will feel so much better after you do this. It works like magic)

*The wisest Guru is your Inner you!
Be grateful for what I call your ‘Inner Knower.’  Tap in and listen to it.

*Focus on the Many Things you have to be Grateful for each Day!

*The more passion you feel for yourself and your life, the more passion others will feel for you.

*Cherish What makes you YOU!

Now that you have read each of the above, go back and read each one again and read it much slower. As you read it slower think more about how it fits your life. What words ‘hit’ you differently than they did the first time you read it?  Now read it again the 3rd time and really take it into your heart and soul. Let each word really sink into you!  Print this page out should you like to do that and keep it with you in your car or on the refrigerator to see everyday. Others in your family will probably read and think about each one of the above too.

Have a fabulous day tomorrow. Live in the present as it is everything we have. The past is gone and the future is not here yet so live in the moment, don’t miss it, as that is why they call it the ‘present’.


I believe in the power of You!