JOY, PEACE and LOVE I Send to YOU!

These words I hope You will celebrate and read Often.

These words are true for each of us. They can be healing, loving and fulfilling. I send them to you as a gift from my Heart to yours. Let them Resonate through you. And share them with those you love.


I know that I am Unlimited.

I know that I am Loved and that I Love.

I know that Hope springs Eternal.

I know that my Faith is Strong.

I know the Peace that Passes Understanding.

I know my Friends will always be there for Me.

I know what I Cherish about my Life.

I know that my Heart is Courageous.

I know that my Soul is who I Am.

I know that Life is Forever.

I know that Spirit is All.

I send Blessings to You and Yours at this most special time of the Year!


Barb  ❤