Happy New Year!

You = Greatness

Wow! 2017 is here and upon us. I remember when the year 2,000 appeared and now we are 17 years beyond that. I am sure you are feeling the fast moment of time also each year we live.

The longer I live the more it means to me to live in the moment.  The longer I live the more I feel that as I live the reason I am here is to serve people and extend more love to them than I may have ever done ever before.

I have many things I want to share with you this year.

Therefore I have selected a theme to share with you for this year. It is:

This Year I Have No Fear.’

Fear is not a bad thing sometimes. For example we should have a fear of crossing the road in front of a car. Obviously a person could lose their life doing so. But the fears I am speaking of are the fears we build up in our minds about our work, about our relationships, about our health and on and on.  In our minds we build up fears of losing our job….or not being as good a person as our sister seems to be…or not having enough money…..or about our health…and the list goes on and on.

In the upcoming weeks I have ideas to share with you that I have found have helped me put many fears aside. I look forward to telling you about many of them. I hope you will tell others to join my blog and subscribe so they like you do not miss any posts. Thank you.

Tonight I decided to begin the year with thoughts I shared with a special person who asked my help with what she was experiencing. As I wrote to her my inner voice said that this could be something I could share with you all. I hope it sets a wonderful tone for our year together.

This topic fits with this year’s theme above of choosing to stay out of fear. To come from a place of strength instead a place of fear.

Remember everyone there are really only 2 emotions. All other emotions fall underneath these two main emotions. One is Fear and the other is Love. I shall expand on this truth more as our year goes on. For starting out this year I would simply like to share what I wrote tonight to a wonderful woman in hopes that it may be of some help or guidance for you too. Thank you for the honor of sharing some of what I have experienced and learned through my many years on our planet. 😀

Below is what a friend wrote me tonight to ask my thoughts on. I believe no matter what our career is that all of us have thought about the competition at one time or another. I hope my response helps you in some way too.

My Friend:  “Hi Barb I’m listening to your words I have heard you share before, especially today, focusing on my business and being the best I can without getting worked up about other people who call themselves stagers.” She asked about my thoughts today on this topic.

This is what I wrote her back tonight:

“You are a light…and in the darkness your light shines bright.
In the human realm unfortunately there will always be those who may not have realized the benefit of community. And sharing and growing together. They are choosing out of their fear from ignorance, to not know and realize that they do have a choice. Therefore they come from fear. They are coming from ‘lack’. They fear that there is not enough for us all.
They do NOT realize that there is MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ALL.

Lead by being you!!! Do not let anyone take you off your mission. Focus as a beam of light…become a human lazer beam and see only success and kindness as the bridge to serve your clients and anyone who enters your world.

You can be the Beacon of light in your area. Take the high road of love and realize that as you do the rest will take care of itself.

The public wants those who come from strength and confidence in all they offer to serve them from the greatest place of all…loving service for the client.

Pure unselfish service for the good of the client. For the wise professional knows that as they do that the universe supports the client and that professional to the greatest road of success that there is.

Lead on my dear…your role in your community is counting on your love and service to lead with generosity and wisdom. These tools you have within you I know.

I just got home from my birthday dinner and read your words and have written you back by letting my spirit tell me what to share with you. I hope this helps lift you up to the greatness that you truly have within.

I thank God for you and for the spirit of Love and friendship we share together.”

I love you.

I love her so much and hoped my words would help her in some way.

She lovingly wrote me back and said: ‘I have tears in my eyes and joy in my heart as I read your beautiful, insightful words, sharing your thoughts… The gifts you share…. I am so lucky to know you!! I do share everything… with love!! I love you too!’

I know though that I am the fortunate one here!

To each of you I have the fortune to meet you or to talk with you or to read your kind words or have you as a friend or know you in any way! You are a blessing to me whether you know it or not.

We are all in this together. It is called Life. And as I have always said. “None of us are getting out of this thing called Life alive.” 😀

It is a joy and an honor and a privilege to share with you.  We have another year together and I would like to add a little fun, a little pleasure and a little light along the way.

Thank you for that privilege.

Happy New Year to You!