EAHSP, The European Association of Home Staging Professionals Produced This Short Video of Barb Schwarz, The Inventor of Home Staging and The Staging Industry as a Quick Look at Her Vision, Hard Work, Dedication, and Mission in Her 50th Year Anniversary of Home Staging Celebration in 2022.”
Enjoy!  To read more in detail about Barbs‘ 50 Year Journey to this point read the First Chapter of Barbs‘ Book entitled
“Staging The World!” It is available here on Barb Schwarz’ Website.





Idealista video interview
with Barb Schwarz

Secrets to selling your home
in the fastest time possible.

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IAHSPEU President
Meets Barb Schwarz

In the 1st episode of the Column, IAHSP® EU President Sanja Radovanovic meets Barb Schwarz, the Creator of the Staging concept and the Home Staging Industry.

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Worldwide Staging Day

My Open Personal Letter

to all Home Stagers and

All Home Staging Associations.

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Guido Augustin Interviews
Barb Schwarz Live

The history of Home Staging told by the Creator of Home Staging®, Barb Schwarz.

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The Occupied Home

Home Staging legend and The Creator of Home Staging Industry Barb Schwarz kicks off the streaming season as we count down to Worldwide Home Staging Day.

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Kat’s Home Chat

“Barb Schwarz Celebrating Her ’50th Anniversary’ Since Inventing Home Staging plus Her Real Life Story of How She Created Home Staging and The Staging Industry”

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Barb Schwarz Opens Virtual Russian Home Staging Conference, 2021

The Second Virtual Russian Home Staging Conference was held in Moscow in October from the 9th to the 11th. Over 570 people were gathered together For the Opening Speech of Barb Schwarz, The Inventor of Home Staging!

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Barb Schwarz Featured at The IAHSP® European 2021 Conference

“It was such a pleasure and an honour to have you open our Virtual Conference, and the feedback we received was absolutely amazing!”

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Home Staging Association UK & Ireland – Live Q&A with Barb Schwarz

Live Q&A Barb Schwarz

the creator of Home Staging.


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