Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours! Thanksgiving is known as a time for Friends and Family to share each others’ company and a tradition also for a Glorious Meal! it is a time to stop and be Thankful for all of our Blessings!

Each year is different than the last. Some may be more memorable than other years.  One never knows how Uncle Fred may act this year. Last year maybe he drank too much for example. Last year you cooked a fabulous turkey but maybe, just maybe, your Mother didn’t like the way you cooked the Turkey! Etc. Etc. I remember times such as these. Yet the real meaning is to really STOP and GIVE THANKS, no matter what may be happening around you with others actions!

Should you be hosting Thanksgiving this year, remember to plan your menu and write down all the things you need to buy and DO! That relieves stress to have it all written down. It really does help. Plan where you will seat people too!  That can relieve some actions that might take place if your sister Mary is not sitting next to Uncle Fred for example when they might have clashed some in the past.  Think it through ahead of time this year and perhaps it will work better this time!

But the real Heart of what I want to share with you is about your thoughts! Thoughts bring feelings. Truly thoughts bring feelings to life. It is not the other way around as you might think it is.  You see when you change your thoughts that changes your experiences and it also can Change Your Life! What I am suggesting for you and I to do Now is:

*Observe what you think!  It is your/our responsibility as a human being to observe your/our thoughts and see when it is needed that you/we change some of them.

* Think, Choose and Plan what you will do should/when certain things happen. Again plan ahead of time. Sure things can come out of nowhere but when they do stop and listen not to your brain, but your intuition.  As some of you know I call my intuition  my ‘Inner Know-er’.  Listen to ‘Your Inner Know-er’ every  time and your life will be so much easier to live. At least I have found that out for myself. 

*Also let us learn that our brain is where our Egos live! And the Ego comes from FEAR totally.  I sure see some egos flying around in some people these days. When fear drives people they tend to GET in their own way and they do not even realize it.  Remember to honor others is to Grow as a Human Being and that brings more good to you. To deny honoring others means you are coming from lack and that is a Fear Thing for sure.  When one does that you know for sure that the EGO rules their life and they also probably lack in self confidence too or no one would be a self perceived threat to them.  When we honor people who truly have Earned it and Deserve it you will find you grow in countless ways and more prosperity comes to you. Who are you not honoring as much as you really should may I ask? Could it be a Relative or a Friend or someone else.

*Our spirits live in our hearts and in our intuition.  Our love lives in those places too!  When you fear someone you cannot fully love them, even if you think and say you do.  It is one or the other that you come from, YOUR EGO or YOUR SPIRIT. Your spirit is where your Joy Lives, your Spirit knows NO jealousy, NO Fear, Your Spirit wants the BEST for others, and Not just for yourself, your spirit is where your Gratitude lives, where being truly Thankful lives as well!  To Live from our spirit is a goal for us all I know. The longer I live the more I believe that this is what God and the Universe planned and hoped for us to do as human beings during our time here on this earth.

These are some of the things I share with you that could be some of the most important things to do for a EXPERIENCING a Truly Happy Thanksgiving Inside of YOU!

I would like to add to the above that Hatred and War, Prejudice and Fear will Leave when the day comes that each of us and all of us Live with Love and From Our Spirits. Lets Practice this and our World will be a Much Better Place! The one we are responsible for is Ourselves, so we cannot say, ‘well , I will do that when others do.’ ‘Let it Begin With Me is the saying we all Know.’  If not you then who, if not now, then when  and if not here, then where?  This too is another great saying I think.

I will be thinking of YOU on Thanksgiving and I will be and am now So Very Thankful for YOU!

Blessings to You and Yours and God Bless You!


Barb  ❤