You will never have this day again so make it count!


It is My joy to begin writing My Blog once again. I took off the summer months from writing this year as my yard, the park I made in our back yard, and my garden became my full time project.😀

One of my goals this year is and has been to live in the ‘Now’! It is very easy to live in the past too much as well as thinking about the future so much that we can miss precious moments of the present.

I have found this summer that working in the yard and my rose garden with plants has been grounding (no pun intended) 😀 to me for living in the moment. Even if you have a patio or deck and no yard you can still have some lovely pots of plants to take care of and enjoy! So I am starting My Blog this fall with a movie I made for you in my yard and flower garden. I am totally amazed by how gorgeous trees, shrubs and flowers can be. I hope you Enjoy it. Breathe the gift of beautiful nature in🌹

“My September Garden Movie for You!”

It gives me joy to share some of my yard and flower garden pictures with you this year 2017. The Mums are the largest I have ever grown. They were 6″ tall when I planted them last fall and look at them this year! They are 3 to 4 feet high! My rose pictures I have named ‘True Abundance’. I feel so blessed to have this gorgeous nature bloom under my care! It is always important to Stage the outside of every property.  Therefore I strive to Stage my Garden, Yard and the Park I made everyday too. I hope you enjoy my little Garden movie for you! ❤

Until my next post I send you positive energy, peace and blessings always.