We love our friends. Yet when we stop and think about it what a privilege it is to have a friend.

We all want respect, peace and love. I have found that the best way to have these things is the following:

  1. When you want trust, trust others.
  2. When you want help the best way to receive help is by helping others.
  3. When you want respect the key to having respect is to respect others.
  4. Peace is a beautiful thing and to bring peace into your life give peace to others.
  5. When you want forgiveness, learn to forgive others and then let it go.
  6. Love is the greatest gift of all. When you want love from others, learn to love others with nothing expected in return.

Friends share great times, sad times, fun times, precious times, lonely times, and once in a lifetime times. And when true friends might not agree, if they are really friends, they stay out of judgement with each other and understand that they are each unique and special and love each other just the way they are. That is why they are friends in the first place.

When you want great friends, be one. For friendship is an honor and a real privilege.

Blessings to you always.