Happy Monday to You!

As you see my thought for the day is ‘You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? Well do them!’

When you read this thought you may have just gone ahead and done one of them! Yeah and good for you! That is great.

But many of us say we are going to do things that we want to do and then we just put them off. You know we have that ‘other’ stuff we have to do too and so we put that ‘other’ stuff’ before what we really want to do. There are plenty of reasons we can come up with of why we can’t do what we want to do right now. Or tomorrow or the day after or….well you know the routine.

I bet that you like I are experiencing the fastest year yet of your life. It really is amazing how fast the time goes by.  And of course as they say each year does go faster than the last one. The thing is that I see kids these days who talk about how much faster time is going by then it was before for them in their young lives too. I remember when I was younger I thought time went so slowly and that I would never grow up. But with the youth today they see it moving so fast as well. With the tech world we all live in – in addition to all the other things we have always done and been responsible for no wonder life is what people say is busier and busier than ever before in today’s kind of world.

I have come to really realize more that life is short.  And the things we want to do may never happen should we not stop and just do them.

Here are steps that I have come up to help me do the things I want to do and to get them done. Perhaps they will help you too.

  1. I clearly get in touch with what I really do want to do/accomplish. Does the end result make me feel fabulous, happy, joyful, & motivated just thinking about it.
  2. I write down then what I really want to do.
  3. I break it down into parts and write those down too. For even accomplishing just a part of it now, is as important in the end, as accomplishing all of it, as all of it is made up of parts. Accomplishing a part of it gives me joy and motivation too to get to the next part or step of the goal I have.  Sometimes we don’t move ahead or go for things we want as we see it as being to big for us to accomplish. Or to hard to do. But when broken down all of a sudden it seems so much more easy to accomplish and that is because it is.
  4. I set a date for each step to be accomplished by. And I say ‘on or before’ when I write down each step. Also it is not if I accomplish the steps or goal but when or as I do.
  5. I put pictures up around me of what I want to accomplish.  And/or I write out in long hand what I want to create, do or make happen. I state it in the present, like it has already happened.  I tape these pages up where I can see them all the time everyday. Seeing it before I accomplish it can be key to helping make it happen.  When I see these pages I get excited inside and even giddy. I can testify to how magical this is. I want the universe to know that I am jazzed about it and that I believe it will happen. I have found that pining for it does not work. You see there is a big difference from believing in you, believing in what you want to accomplish, believing in the power of God and the universe to support you in all ways rather than pining for it. I also have said for many years, “When it is for the good of all and for the harm of no one there is nothing to keep it from happening!” I said that in creating Home Staging over and over and over again. And I say it for everything important to me. And it is true!
  6. Now here is where we can get off the track for what we are striving to accomplish. We can let ‘other things’ get in the way! THE KEY TO STAYING ON TRACK I HAVE FOUND IS TO MAKE A COMMITMENT TO MYSELF  TO GET THE THING(s) DONE I AM WORKING ON. Should you see this as harder than the other steps above then it is easy to procrastinate with ourselves. I am here to tell you that it is not impossible to accomplish what you want to do. I see these days that very few things are impossible. Not when you really believe in what you want to do and in yourself, you will find a positive way to make it happen.
  7. Keep the commitments with yourself even if you need to pretend you are making a commitment with a friend. And that is because you are. Your best friend is/should be you! That could sound funny, but if you are not your best friend then you are letting yourself down. We all have responsibilities, we all have things we have to do. We also though need to make sure that we do not put ourselves last behind everything else in our lives. This idea took me a long time to understand.  But it is so important to do as it is your life. Put you up at the top with other top priorities in your life. For without you then there would be no other priorities.

So you know all those things that you really want to do.  Well do them! One by one check them off your list. Take that trip. Grow your business now. Get that new house.  See someone you have been missing for too long. Whatever it is that gives you joy get on with doing it. One by one you will feel so great! It is all about enjoying the journey isn’t it. For life is a real trip and one for we sure do not want to miss out on.

‘Being happy is up to you and me.’

Blessings to you always.