Today I am featuring Andrea Chennisi, ASP

It gives me joy to feature from time to time those of you who subscribe to my Barb Schwarz Blog!  Any time that you would like me to show off some of your great work, regardless of your chosen career, just send me a few pictures of your work and/or information and a bit about you too so I can tell the world who you are and what the great work is that you are doing!  Just email me.

So Betty Frost, Dyann Lyon, Rebecca Henderson, Joan Inglis or any of you who would like me to share information about your business or career.  I so look forward to receiving what you send me to put up on my blog about you so others can know too. It will be my pleasure to do so!

Therefore today it gives me pleasure to feature Andrea Chennisi, ASP, ASPM, and show you a couple of pictures of  her great work!

Below Andrea shares pictures of how to Stage bookcases or shelves that are very unattractive. I love how she Staged them. Green is the magic color to me, always has been. And as you see she also added better lighting and a bright white to make the magic happen. Bright white is a great answer on the walls in any home, especially when the home is dark inside. So between the lighting she chose, the bright white and setting the scene on the bookcases she made this room inviting and so much more alive in my view than it ever was before!  I also love how she angled the desk and chairs in the room and did not plaster them against the walls. This way it did not take a lot of furniture to accomplish a nice set to show off this space. And remember every single book shelf does not have to have things on it.  Let some of the space breathe as Andrea has done below. Great work Andrea!

Andrea says this about her love of Home Staging!

“I have been staging since 2011 and received my ASP in 2012 and Masters in 2015. I have worked and continue to work as a Store Director in a major Retailer, so basically 25 years of visual Merchandising.  In 2010 my  appetite for doing just end-caps or displays wasn’t enough. I needed more challenges. ASP Staging was the answer!!!

Every project is different, unique, and allows my to stretch and grow my talent. I love it!! It is a Passion!! I continue to work my full time 45+ hours a week job as a Store Director and Stage on my days off. Not an easy task, and a juggling act for sure. Thank God for my small team!!  My philosophy in staging is this;

It is an Art; and good Art takes time.  If you want vacant staging in 1/2 day and cheap, then I am not your sSager! I take tremendous pride in my work and will not walk away until it’s right!  My name is my brand!  I am a continuous learner and willingly share my work with anyone that is interested 🙂

I am grateful for Barb’s vision and glad Home ASP Staging found me!!”

Andrea Stewart Chennisi, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP, Houston’s Delightful Designs

Thank you Andrea for sharing some of your wonderful work with me and allowing me to share it with others!  You are so very talented and I love your spirit and how you chose to share with others your vision of Home Staging and for the great work you are doing to represent our ASP and ASPM Designations!  Thank you so much!

I hope that you enjoy my thought of the day as posted here on my blog and remember that you and I are responsible for our own happiness. The world is waiting to see your smile, I believe, every single day! God Bless You!