You’re beautiful
You’re loved
You’re needed
Youìre alive for a reason

You’re stronger than you think
You’re gonna get through this
I’m glad you’re alive
And don’t ever give up

Believe it for it is true!

And there is never going to be another you!

Life is Short so Celebrate You Everyday I Say!

Read the above and then read it again 2 more times. But use the word I instead of the word you.

Notice how you feel when you say each line out loud. Does it feel right or strange to you? Then say it like you really believe it, even if you do not believe it all.  Pretend that you do and before you know it, you really will believe it.

Also print it out and put it on your mirror! And say it out loud about you everyday!

You are after all a miracle.

I believe in you and me…