What are you thinking when you Stage homes?

You may say, ‘I think about getting the job done and getting paid.’ I get that and it is important that you DO get paid!
But what I am talking about has to do with more than making the money.

I have seen that sometimes a Stager may be thinking mostly about getting to the next Staging.  Sometimes it seems that the attitude can be we have to get this done and out of here now!  I have found that thinking this way too much we can miss things and end up not doing our best work. Doing what I just described means we are not Staging in the present, at least not as much as we should be.

Staging in the present is SO important. By Staging in the present your Creativity is at it’s best. Letting go of thoughts like I have to go make dinner, or my significant other may be mad that I am still here or other things like this is really important so we can focus on what we are doing in the moment.  And that then really allows you to do your very best work!  Staging in the present is what it is all about to me!

What I suggest is that you slow down a bit and concentrate just about the Seller’s needs and doing Your Best Work Ever! To me it is always what is the best for the seller in the Staging work we do for them.  And to do our best our creativity really soars when we get into what I call the ‘Staging Zone.’  Have you been in one before?  Of course you have and you know when you are in it too!  You also know if you are not in it.

The Staging Zone as I call it, is where we live in the now, live in the moment and ask our creativity to lead us as we do our work. Ideas flow when we are in the zone, tons of ideas!  And be thankful for your creativity.  Tell your creativity that you are thankful for it. I really strive to do that no matter where I am and no matter what I am Staging.  I just say in my head or even out-loud, ‘Thank you creativity for this great idea!  I really do this. I tell you that it works. ‘Creativity Gratitude brings Staging Idea-itude!’ For the more thankful you are for the ideas that come to you the more the ideas will come!  I promise you that they do!

Also what do you think about of the seller. I hear Stagers sometimes complain about the sellers they are working with.  They say that the seller is dumb, or high maintenance or stubborn or even what they call a jerk. Well if you are thinking these kind of things about a seller then why are you working for them anyway! Think about it, life is too short to not work with people who you really like and trust. So say no when you think no.

But usually when you have challenges with a seller I am here to tell you that it can be because of you, not the seller. ‘But Barb how could you say that, you may think or say to me.”  Well I have found that when a seller is causing what you perceive as problems it is usually because you or I did not EDUCATE them enough of HOW WE WORK!  Educating your seller on who you are, on what you are really going to do, and finding  out their expectations, and communicating, communicating, communicating with them on the whole process totally is of the highest importance always, no matter who they are! Sellers who are educated are usually a real pleasure to work with when you have thoroughly educated them. And sometimes you need to re-educate them again more than once!  So do it. Take the time to educate them properly and you will save big time in not having to solve issues later on.

Do it because it pays off big time. For when you have educated them and they are totally on board with you, you have way more fun and even make more money.

So what are you thinking about when you Stage Homes?
I hope my post gives you pause to think more about what you are thinking about when you Stage.  Stay Focused, get into the Creativity Zone and Stage your best every time!

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All my best always to you!


PS The picture I took above is of a gift that Edi Keech, ASPM, gave me. It is my joy to share it with you! Thank you Edi!