Hello World! Welcome to my new blog! I hope you will visit me here often. We will learn many new things together! Education is what I am all about.  The key is to know, know all about what-ever interests you. But then the key is to put it to use. To know and not to do is worse than not to know!

It can take time to do this, but it is time well invested! I remember when I thought one day I do not know what I do not know but I need to find out what I do not know and then learn what I am missing out on not knowing.

For example I thought about this in running a company.  In seeing people like Bill Gates for example do what does. What does he know about getting ahead and running a company that I do not know. Over time I am going to share with you what I did learn that I didn’t know and how it served me well in running a company. It served me well in moving forward to build my dreams, to build my vision.

There are key things I learned in this area that took some years to achieve. I made great strives in what some might call success, but I made some mistakes I will share with you of course, too.  And the mistakes taught me as much if not more than my successes!

Stay Tuned!