I love to Garden!  It is more than a hobby to me. It is a part of life. I mean life is a garden too isn’t it? Of course it is. There are crops and flowers and weeds and mulch and much more.

On my Facebook site, Barb Schwarz Garden, https://www.facebook.com/BarbSchwarzGarden/ you will see many of my pictures and my daily posts too. I love to show new ideas, things also that I have learned and stuff that you can do too if you are interested in doing them. Anyone can garden anywhere!  You do not need a farm, or a lot of land at all. All you need is a pot or container, some sun even if through the windows, water, seeds or plants to plant and give it your love to take care of what you plant. Smile me.

I will post new things here too of course. And many pictures along the way. I hope to inspire you some along the way that you can garden and have fun and also grow flowers to enjoy and food to eat too. Even if you just grow one thing you will find I think that the growing of living things is inspiring in and of itself.

We will have fun. I hope you come to my blog daily and know that you can find fun new ideas, tips and sometimes funny things or deep thoughts as well.  It is all a part of the Garden of Life!

Live, learn and Grow I Say!