Promise me you’ll always remember: 
You’re braver than you believe, 
and stronger that you seem, 
and smarter that you think. 

There is only one of you. There will never ever be another you.  Isn’t that amazing!
What are your dreams? Your dreams are unique to you. And that to me is a miracle.  It is beyond full explanation because You can dream anything your heart desires. There is no limit to it! Stop and really think about the power you have with your dreams and your uniqueness.

Achievement begins with your belief. Whatever your dreams are build them with your passion! I am sure you know the song, ‘to build the impossible dream.’  I know that to dream the impossible dream is to begin to make it truly possible.  You could not think it if you could not build it. It all begins with your desire and your belief in you and your dreams!

Albert Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ I have always believed that and therefore always shared it in my programs and all the training’s I have given over the years. I also add that enthusiasm is more important than knowledge too. Enthusiasm is fuel for your dreams as well. How can you have passion without enthusiasm? Passion without enthusiasm is impossible I think.

Let your light shine and let the world know that you believe in what you are doing and your dreams. When you let your light shine and work to make your dreams come true you are on fire and nothing can put you out.

Dreams can take time and patience and your willingness to have things not work out just as you thought they might appear is important also for your dreams to come to life. There are curves, ups and downs, disappointment sometimes and successes too.  Remember they are all an important part of making your dreams come true. I made many mistakes but my mistakes taught me what TO DO and then my mistakes became successes and your mistakes will become successes for you too.

Sometimes the answers come from a different direction than you thought. They can appear in a different way than you expected they would show up. Yet when you are open to the magic of how they may appear and where the answers can come from your dreams are much more likely to happen right before you!

Do not let anyone stifle your dreams.  Do not let people talk you out of your dreams. When you really really know and believe deep down in your heart and soul in what you are doing and you work hard to make your dreams come true they will happen.  They will happen as long as you attempt all that is possible and to do that you must many times believe in the impossible. I recommend that you read my last sentence again for I have found it is true!

Keep dreaming for is your destiny to do so as the alive beautiful spirit here on earth that you are.

Remember that your dreams are the promise of all that you can be.

Until my next post I send you positive energy, peace and blessings always.