Do you have a Happy Place? A place where you go to feel happy anytime. I never thought of this until several years back. I always strive to feel happy but I had not thought of a place to go where I would feel happy every time I went there. When I asked myself where my happy place was one answer came up for me immediately. That was sitting in a chair that looked at the ocean in our house. It does not have to be a water view from your window, maybe it is a beautiful tree or garden, etc.  For me in this place it didn’t matter whether the sun was out or it was raining. It didn’t matter at all. What mattered was sitting, getting quiet in my mind and staring at the ocean from that chair looking out the window.

Getting quiet I have found through the last number of years is a magical way to find peace. It may take practice but the more you do it the more peace you feel instantly when you practice it often enough. Even if you do not practice getting quiet on a daily basis, peace does come from stopping the noise around you and in you!  I suggest practicing to go to what some call ‘the zone’. It is a place where you may hum or mediate with AW sounds either in a mediation CD or by making the sounds yourself.  When I used to sing professionally I would practice the AW sound as all music teachers teach their vocal students to make. Just drop open your mouth and saw AW as if the Dr. was looking in your throat. See you already know how to make the sound. It is hard to be stressed when you make the AW sound. Smile me.

Currently one of my Happy Places is in my Garden. That is where I have the sign I took a picture of above on this post. The only feeling I feel in my garden is Happy! I will not participate in any other feeling there. Happy, Happy, Happy is the key and it is a choice as Mark Twain said, “A man/woman is as happy as he/she makes up his/her mind to be.’ And that is what I chose to think every day. I haven’t always felt that way, but the ‘younger’ I become the more I understand why it is the only choice to make. Happy is as Happy Does as Forest Gumps’ Mother told him! Have a Happy Day Today and Tomorrow too!

Blessings to you!