“My idea of Christmas whether old-fashioned or modern is very simple. Loving others” – Bob Hope

The year has flown by most of us would say. And now it is that ‘wonderful time’ of the year as people call it.  In most families it is the time to be with friends and family. As we celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah I think of the love that we feel for our family and friends. That love transcends time and lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Just some of the words and feelings that come to me at this time of year now are: Joy, Hope, Faith, Birth, Life, Kindness, Believe, Excitement, Presents, Celebration, Christmas, Hanukkah, Forgiveness, and Love.

As I write here I think of you and I want to give to you a Christmas Gift from me.

As I thought about what gift I could give you….well……I thought I would love to give you some of my favorite sayings, thoughts, quotes and words for you to have during this holiday time. Words and thoughts for you to read again at anytime, share with others and perhaps just ponder. I hope you like them. I hope that some of them are food for thought now and during this time of celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah with those you love. At first these might not seem about Christmas or Hanukkah but as you think again I believe that you will see that they are about living your life all year long. Some of these sayings are my own, others are quotes and should I know who said it I will of course give them credit. (I also did add a question or 2 to ask yourself here and there below or a comment I felt appropriate)

These are the ones that came to mind tonight that I want to gift to you.
I always recommend reading a saying 3 times. The first time just read it. The second time you read it, feel the meaning it has to you. And the 3rd time think of how you can really apply it to improve or change your life.


Sayings from Me to You.

‘The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.’  Buckminister Fuller (What do you really want to do?)

‘Everyday of your life you have the opportunity to make slight changes that will change everything.’ BAS (What slight changes can you make now that will change everything for you?)

‘The world you want can be achieved, first you must believe and then remember you could not image it if you could not create it.   Do it now. Make it real.’ BAS (Yes you really can!)

‘Go for it NOW! The future is promised to no one.’  Wayne Dyer (Do it now)

‘Tell me, what are you planning to do with your beautiful and precious life here forward?‘ BAS (I really love this question. As you go on, keep asking it)

‘Every second is beyond measure in importance in your life.’ BAS (This puts a whole new spin on time in your life doesn’t it)

‘We have only today. Let us begin.’ Mother Teresa (I recommend to keep on striving to live in the moment)

‘He who has no Christmas in his heart will not find it under a tree.’ Roy Smith

The Darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.’ Robert Altinger

‘One of the most wonderful messes ever created in a home, is on the living room floor on Christmas or Hanukkah.  For this I say Do Not clean it up too fast.’ (As the Creator of Home Staging I am saying this 😀) BAS

I love having sayings close by me to inspire me daily.  I have always said, “Words Matter!”  I believe this with all my heart. Different words mean different things. And every word has impact upon us and others whether we realize it or not. May you say, give and be given beautiful words during Christmas and Hanukkah. Then let us keep on giving them and spreading them all year 2017 long.

Joy to you and yours! Love, hugs, kisses, presents, great food and drink, maybe snow, good health, safe travels, and more for you!

I will be writing to you next week with a Happy New Year theme.

Now I leave you with this saying…….
‘May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve!’     

In the spirit of Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah I say Live in the spirit of Love with all you are blessed to be with in these special days.


Thank you each for being a part of my blog! And as I always like to say…
Until my next post I send you positive energy, peace and blessings always.