The Certified Staging Communication Specialist™, CSCS™ Course Registration Agreement

By Enrolling You Agree to our Course Agreement Below


As an Attendee of the Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ (CSCS™) Course I understand, acknowledge, and I Agree to the Following CSCS™ Course and Designation Agreement:

  1. I hereby Agree that I will ONLY use Barb’s ideas, information, scripts, any STW Book pictures and Any of the Content Barb Wrote, Created, Presented, Teaches/Taught for ONLY MY OWN PERSONAL USE. This includes but is not limited to all content presented by Barb in her CSCS™ Course.
  2. I hereby understand, acknowledge, and agree to attend the entire CSCS™ Course and all of the Class Hours of the CSCS™ Course sessions. I understand and know that there are 2 Program Sessions that make up Barb’s CSCS™ Course of 8 Educational Hours. I understand and agree that whether I chose to attend the Full Day 8 hour CSCS™ Course or the 2 Half Day, Four Hour each, CSCS™ Course Program Sessions that I must Fully Attend the Entire CSCS™ Course to be able to Graduate from the CSCS™ Course and to earn the CSCS™ Designation upon Graduation. Attendance Records are kept for this reason.
  3. I agree that I must be Visible to Barb and all in attendance during All Course Hours. I understand also that this is a requirement to be able to Graduate from the CSCS™ Course and to Earn the CSCS™ Designation. I also agree to participate and share my thoughts with the class when Barb may ask me.
  4. I Acknowledge, Understand, and Agree that Barb Schwarz has Copyrighted and Trademarked her entire presentation, including, but not limited to her power-points, materials, pictures, graphs, stats, and her entire CSCS Course. I understand and therefore agree to NOT Share, Teach, nor Give to anyone else any of Barb Schwarz CSCS™ Course, Content and Power Point in any form or in anyway without Barb Schwarz Full Written permission. 
  5. I agree to uphold the rules and regulations for Trademarks for Barb Schwarz’ Trademarks. The Creator of Home Staging® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Barb Schwarz. The CareerBook® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Barb Schwarz. The Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ Course and the CSCS™ Designation are Trademarks of Barb Schwarz and I understand that All rights for all Trademark rights are Reserved and are the Property of Barb Schwarz and
  6. I understand and Agree that when I write the CSCS™ Course name and the CSCS™ Designation it is an very Important for me to put the Trademark™ symbol after the Words and/or Initials. The actual trademark symbols of TM for Trademark or Circled R for Federally Registered Trademarks are in all computer programs to add to your typing by clicking the ‘Insert’ Tab and then ‘Symbols’ in Word where they are all located.
  7. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that to keep My CSCS™ Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ Designation I must renew it yearly at upon my Class Graduation Anniversary date so I am able to continue to Have, Use, Hold, Promote, Show Off, and/or Market My CSCS™ Designation.  I hereby understand and agree that My yearly renewal itself is done automatically for me through my Personal Login Portal at I also understand and agree that I will Fill in my CSCS™ LOGIN Information, Right after I complete My Class Registration now, to Then Create My Own Login Portal here on I understand that it is private, very basic information and Only seen by Myself.  The Login Portal’s Banner is on the Home Page on the Top Right side that has a Light Green Colored LOGIN Banner that says ‘CSCS Login’. I understand that in this way I will have My own CSCS™ Private Records for when I want them. Again, I understand that the Automatic yearly Renewal for my CSCS™ Designation happens in my Login Portal. Renewal takes place in my Login Portal unless I notify in writing that I do NOT Want to Continue Anymore to Use, Have, Hold, Promote and/or Market My CSCS™ Designation for My Personal Use nor My Business Use at all. 
  8. I hereby acknowledge that by entering and reviewing this page that I have read, understand, and Fully Agree to the above Stated ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ Course and CSCS™ Designation Agreement as I now Register and Invest in my Enrollment for The CSCS™ Course and CSCS™ Designation.