The CSCS Course and Designation


  • The ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist’ Course Personally Created and Enthusiastically Recorded by Barb Schwarz
  • Your CSCS Designation
  • BARB-TIME 1 Year Subscription
  • Your Directory Listing w/Chat Room on Barbs’ Network 1 Year Subscription

Communication is Everything! It is Crucial to All You do! Communication is in all Your Work, constantly in Your Family relations, and in Your relationship with Yourself. Communication never stops, it goes on all day long everywhere you are. I have answers for you of how to Communicate on a higher level no matter who you are Communicating with! In learning Better Communication Skills You will Totally Improve Your Work, Your Business and Your Life! And now, you can learn at your own Pace and in your own Time, as you earn your CSCS Designation in addition to all the amazing knowledge you will Gain!


Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ and CSCS™ are Trademarks of Barb Schwarz, All rights reserved


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