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Mary Scalli

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Overview Mary has a heart to serve the city of Houston one Seller/Home Owner at a time. She has built a Professional Team of Home Stagers and Interior Designers to do this as well as an additional Short-Term Rental Business for those who are in between homes, enjoying working wherever they want, removed from their homes due to an insurance issue, renovation, or for a quick get away ( Her formal education came from Michigan State University with a major in Hospitality Management. After 5 years of working for Westin Hotels & Resorts around the country, she moved from CA to VT to work in a small inn with a desire to own a Bed & Breakfast. God fulfilled her dreams of serving guests in her own hospitality business almost 25 years later in short-term rentals but without the need to cook! He truly knows and loves His girls! In addition she worked for a major retailer and learned to merchandise stores to get top dollar/square foot. She has used all of her experiences to build a Professional Home Staging & Interior Design Company to do just this for all of our clients. The company is a multi-national award company recognized for Excellence and Leadership. Mary met Barb Schwarz, our beloved Creator of Home Staging, in 2012, attending her first International Association of Home Staging Professionals Conference. She had received her Accredited Staging Professional Certification in 2011 ASP(R)) and knew that surrounding herself with professionals was so important along with investing in continuing education which Barb provided. In 2014 she received her ASPM(R) which was taught by none other than Barb Schwarz. Barb has poured into her life in so many ways and she shares many of these experiences as she educates Realtors in Houston, TX and speaks on National Stages. As Sharon Lechter, author of 27 New York Best Sellers and Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Exit Rich, and many more has coined it ((Passion + Talent) x Associations x Action) + Faith = your success strategy. How can we assist you? Please either call us at 877-458-8254 or email us at [email protected] Visit our website at

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Company Simple Elegance Professional Home Staging & Interior Design, SE Accommodations, LLC

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