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Klaudia Leszczyńska

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Overview Klaudia Leszczyńska is a Home Stager, financier, investor and author of courses and e-books for Home Stagers. She was the first to start developing the Home Staging industry in Poland. Klaudia has already trained hundreds of students in her career. She actively represents the international association for Home Stagers – EAHSP in Poland and examines new members. Every year, during the Home Staging Gala, she organizes a competition for the best polish Home Stager’s realization in several categories and sits on the jury. Klaudia brings together a large community of women on social media and works with many brands across the country. Additionally, she records a podcast and runs a blog http://www.klaudialeszczynska.pl. Website also available in English – http://www.instastaging.com. As an entrepreneur, she works with her clients on a daily basis in the sale and rental of apartments and provides remote consultations in the field of Home Staging.

Publications eBook Home Staging Trends 2020 COLOR TRENDS, MIXING AND MATCHING, MINDFULNESS INTERIORS AND MORE… Book Home Staging Trends for 2020 it’s a guide for people who know the value of Home Staging and who want to stand out on the real estate market and earn the maximum. I thought that it should be given to people who already know how to apply the entire Home Staging strategy so that they can implement the trends skillfully and make a profit. And to make them stand out on the real estate market and make their projects the most desirable – regardless of whether they are investors, brokers or home stagers. For me, the results of my readers are the biggest reward and satisfaction and that’s why I’ve decided to help them achieve even better results this way. Post about Trends for 2020 – In this post I have described only a few trends. Home Staging Trends 2021 The e-book is aimed at those who want to learn how to home stage in line with current client needs. Why? To make your apartments after Home Staging even more attractive to the most interested target group. Where did I get the idea for this publication? First of all – the pandemic has considerably changed the rules of the game on the real estate market. The focus of attention when it comes to the expectations of customers buying or renting apartments has changed significantly. Each of us already has what is known as pandemic memory – knowing that we can expect to be completely confined to our homes, we pay much more attention to aspects that we may have often overlooked until now. Home Staging. How To Effectively Create That Profitable Insta Worthy Interior How to choose the type of rent that is suited to your needs, plan your strategy and define your target group. – How to evaluate your property and define the areas that need work. – A step by step guide to Staging your property, yourself. – How to set the scope of needed work, your budget and realistically estimate potential profits. – The main rules of Home Staging & how to combine colors, patterns and fabrics. – How to furnish and visually enlarge small rooms. – How to photograph your property expertly, as an amateur, and write good ads. – What to do if the property remains on the market after Home Staging. Download a free fragment of my e-book and get 10USD discount!

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