Irina Polenkova

Irina Polenkova

Email Address [email protected]

Overview I'am Irina from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Working with my husband Andrei, which you can see on the avatar. We work online in Russia, and offline in Thailand (Phuket). We are a team of two certified and practicing home stagers with extensive experience in interior design, construction and hospitality industry. The strategy of our company is based on the principle of "win win". In the negotiation process, the interests of all parties are taken into account and a solution is found in which everyone wins! And here we are: - owner interior studio LAPTIDESIGN - owner Home staging studio Win Win - member of the board of ASHS - Association of Russian speaking Home Stagers - member of the EAHSP - member of the IAHSP Most easy way to contact us: e-mail: [email protected] WhatsApp +7 931 255 36 11 Thank you Barb for the opportunity to be a part of your community, and also for such a successful discovery as homestaging!!!


Country Russia and Thailand (Phuket)

Professional Category Professional Home Stager

Company Home staging studio Win Win

Education Barb Schwarz CSCS Course, Home Staging Professional Training Course by Gloria Kruner Home Staging and Redsign Consulting

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