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As an Attendee of The Barb Schwarz Home Staging Course I understand, acknowledge, and I Agree to the Following Agreement:

  1. I hereby Agree that I will ONLY use Barb’s ideas, information, scripts, any STW Book pictures and Any of the Content Barb Wrote, Created, Presented, Teaches/Taught for ONLY MY OWN PERSONAL USE. This includes but is not limited to all content presented by Barb in her Home Staging™ Course.
  2. I hereby understand, acknowledge, and agree to attend the entire Home Staging™ Course and all of the Class Hours of the Course sessions either as a Stager in the Stager Course or as an RE Agent in the RE Agent Staging Course. I understand and know that I must Fully Attend the Entire Course I registered for to be able to Graduate from the Course and to earn the HS or HSre Designation upon Graduation. Attendance Records are kept for this reason.
  3. I agree that I must be Visible to Barb and all in attendance during All Course Hours. I understand also that this is a requirementto be able to Graduate. I also agree to participate and share my thoughts with the class when Barb may ask me.
  4. I Acknowledge, Understand, and Agree that Barb Schwarz has Copyrighted and Trademarked her entire presentation, including, but not limited to her power-points, materials, pictures, graphs, stats, and her entire Home Staging Course. I understand and therefore agree to NOT Share, Teach, nor Give to anyone else any of Barb Schwarz Course, Materials, Content and Power Point in any form or in anyway without Barb Schwarz Full Written permission. 
  5. I agree to uphold the rules and regulations for Trademarks for Barb Schwarz’ Trademarks. The Creator of Home Staging® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Barb Schwarz. The CareerBook® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Barb Schwarz and The Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ Course and The BARB SCHWARZ HOME STAGING COURSE and Designations are Trademarks of Barb Schwarz.  And I understand that All rights for all Trademark rights are Reserved and are the Property of Barb Schwarz and
  6. I understand and Agree that when I write the Barb Schwarz Home Staging™ Course name and the Designation it is very Important for me to put the Trademark™ symbol after the Words and/or Initials. The actual trademark symbols of TM for Trademark or Circled R for Federally Registered Trademarks are in all computer programs and to add them I just type by clicking the ‘Insert’ Tab and then ‘Symbols’ in Word where they are all located.
  7. I understand and I agree that to keep and Use My Barb Schwarz Home Staging Course™ or Certified Staging Communication Specialist™ Designations I must renew it yearly on my Class Graduation Anniversary date at Renewal of My Designation allows me to Continue to Have, Use, and Market My™ Designation. My Yearly Renewal is only $29 per year for my CSCS or HS or HSre Designation. I Understand and I Agree that My yearly renewal itself is automatically done for me through my Personal Login Portal at Should I not want to Renew my Designation I understand that I Must Notify Barb Schwarz in writing through [email protected], which then Cancels Any and All Use of My Designation Personally and Professionally At All.
  8. I also understand and I agree that I must and I will Fill in my LOGIN Information to Create My Own Login Portal here on to be able to Attend and Graduate from the Course I attend. To Do That I Click the Login Portal Light Green Banner on the Top Right Side of The Home Page that says Login’
  9. I hereby acknowledge that by entering and reviewing this page that I have read, understand, and Fully Agree to the above Stated Course and Designation Agreement as I now Register and Invest in my Enrollment for The Home Staging Course, The RE Agent Course or The CSCS™ Course and said Designation.