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The Inventor of Home Staging, The Creator & Original Builder of The Staging Industry

Barb’s Weekly Education and CSCS Course Educational Programs present meticulously crafted recorded programs filled with invaluable concepts, techniques, wisdom, and inspiration, showcasing Barb’s exceptional insider knowledge.

Embark on a profound exploration of the art of Home Staging as Barb shares her time-tested techniques and strategies that have consistently transformed properties into breathtaking showcase Homes. With a legacy of training Stagers and Agents throughout North America and around the world, Barb invites you to join the esteemed community of the most accomplished Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents.

By choosing Barb Schwarz as your Personal Mentor, you can kick start your transformative journey towards success. Take this opportunity now and unlock your full potential with Barb’s guidance!


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1. The CSCS Course and Designation


  • The ‘Certified Staging Communication Specialist’ Course Personally Created and Enthusiastically Recorded by Barb Schwarz for you
  • Your CSCS Designation
  • Weekly Education With Barb
  • Your Directory Listing w/Chat Room on Barbs’ Network

Communication is Everything! It is Crucial to All You do! Communication is in all Your Work, constantly in Your Family relations, and in Your relationship with Yourself. Communication never stops, it goes on all day long everywhere you are.  I have answers for you of how to Communicate on a higher level no matter who you are Communicating with! In learning Better Communication Skills You will Totally Improve Your Work, Your Business and Your Life!  And now, you can learn at your own Pace and in your own Time, as you earn your CSCS Designation in addition to all the amazing knowledge you will Gain!

The CSCS Course and Designation

Investment $599

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2. Weekly Education with BARB

Weekly Education W/Barb Video Broadcast

‘Barb’s Ah Ha’s, Philosophy, Ideas, Concepts will Wake Up Your Mind, Reach Your Soul, Build Your Inner Intelligence with Her 5+ Minute Business & Life Insights Weekly!

Your weekly Education with BARB, recorded for you too, will change your business and your life. Barb Schwarz will move you forward, help you solve challenges, feel new again and much more with Her innovative thoughts, stimulating messages, and knowledge filled wisdom in an Inspirational style all in a quick format for you to listen to her recordings any time you desire as many times as you like! Remember your monthly subscription is an investment in YOU and less than a cup of ‘Star-Bucks’ each week.

You simply Won’t Hear or Learn what Barb Shares with You Anywhere Else.

Sign up today for Your WEEKLY Education with BARB SCHWARZ!

BARB-TIME (Yearly)

You Save $19.80 with a Yearly subscription over monthly


3. Business Directory Listing and Chatroom On The Barb Schwarz Network

* Your Own Directory Listing On The Barb Schwarz Network

With Your Subscription you are now a Member of Barbs’ Home Staging Network as You Become Featured in Barb’s Network Directory. You will Join the Network of Professional Home Stagers, RE Brokers, and Industry Professional from all over the World. And The Search Results for Barb as the Inventor of Home Staging and the Staging Industry can also benefit You and Your network too.

* Your Chatroom On The Barb Schwarz Network

A Private Directory Chat Room and Place for You and Your Business to Collaborate with other members efficiently with Secure Direct Instant Messaging.